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Town of Swanzey, NH
Covered Bridge Capital of New Hampshire

Raffle Permit


RSA 287-A  allows raffles to be conducted by charitable, religious, educational charitable, civic, veteran and fraternal organizations, or a political committee or party to promote the purposes for which they are organized. Tickets shall be sold only to persons 16 years of age or older. Tickets must have printed on their face the name of the orgganization, date and place of the drawing, the prize(s) to be awarded and the amount or the donation . Permits are required to be issued for raffles by the Selectmen of the Town where the drawing for prize is to be held. No ticket or multiples of tickets shall be sold for more than $10.00 each per the Selectmen of the Town of Swanzey.


If you have any questions please contact Jenna at 352-7411 ext. 115 or


Attached Document or FileRaffle_Permit.pdf  

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